About ELM Design World

ELM Design WorldWhy choose ELM Design World?

Many organizations need to present a professional public image but do not feel it is possible on a limited budget.  Other organizations are relying upon slick print marketing, raising their costs unnecessarily.  ELM Design World understands the need for impactful yet cost-effective messaging, and will work with your organization to achieve your goals.  We believe that every organization deserves to have a professional web presence.

Unlike other template solutions, ELM Design World websites are unique and personal.  We will seek to understand your needs, your users, and your unique qualities.  Our 14 years of experience in web site design and development have provided us with a wealth of experience and insight from which to draw.

Our relationship with you will not end at site launch.  ELM Design World will remain available to you to ensure that your website continues to meet your organization’s needs.

ELM Design WorldWhat makes ELM Design World different?

Our web site design process is not merely about colors, fonts and pictures. Together we will determine the purpose and objectives of your website. We will work with you to determine the target audience and how best to reach them and convert them to clients. These criteria will in turn determine the site's funcionality; how the site will look and feel; and how your website will remain current over the months and years to come.  Unlike some designers, we are genuinely interested in seeing you and your business succeed, and continue to succeed year after year. ELM Design World takes pride in combining solid technical skills with sound usability practices to offer a strategic approach to web sites that will drive outstanding results.

ELM Design WorldWho is the ELM in ELM Design World?

The ELM in ELM Design World is Elyssa Malakoff. Based in central NJ, she is a professional website developer with over fourteen years of experience in online consulting, website creation and maintenance. Along the way she has built up a reliable network of subcontractors, including database specialists, graphic designers, and other specialized creatives and programmers.

Before starting her own business, she worked as a marketing assistant with a high-tech start-up. In that role, she was responsible for website design and maintenance, external marketing, printed materials, sales team support, and trade show management. On the side, she has worked with many local businesses and non-profits to establish or optimize their web presence. Prior to the existence of the World Wide Web as we know it, she worked as personal programmer for the CEO of a major giftware manufacturer. Her education includes degrees in Cognitive Science and Psychology.

Whether you need to establish an online presence, have an existing website that needs improvment, or want to improve your website's performance, we can work together to make your online presence work as hard as you do. Contact ELM Design World today.